Alexander Dubok


Dubok Alexander Anatolievich is the founder and head of the patent bureau.


Graduated with honors from the South Russian State University of Economics and Service, has a higher technical education with the qualification of an engineer in "Household radioelectronic equipment" (diploma VSA 0382589).


Since 2006, he has practiced in intellectual property, which includes:
- trademark applications;
- patent applications for a wide range of devices and technologies, including teaching methods;
- software;
- food processing equipment;
- hydrodynamic equipment;
- sports equipment;
- household items;
- clothing and footwear.

Formed a group of business services companies, expert in building business processes.

In addition to intellectual property he enjoys basketball, table tennis, chess and poker. Grew up in Rostov-on-Don.

Certificates and certificates

- WIPO. Training at the Intellectual Property Summer School;

- RGAIS. (Objects of patent law, means of individualization and their expertise);

- WIPO. Basics of Intellectual Property

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