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in ~6 months

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Our advantages

8 out of 10 of our clients work remotely.
We will hold an online meeting, conclude an agreement and do the work remotely.ПWe will hold an online meeting, conclude an agreement and do the work remotely. It doesn't matter what town you're from.
We guarantee results, not just returns
We get to the contractually guaranteed result one way or another at any pay rate.
Fixing the price at the start
You will pay exactly the amount we discussed at the beginning. No surprise payments.
What we have achieved in 18 years?
More than 6,000 objects were registered
In all likelihood, your case is similar to the cases we have seen in our practice.
We represent interests in 65 countries of the world
For international registration, we resort to the help of reliable patent attorneys from abroad.
Certified Patent Attorneys
We are responsible to Rospatent. Attorney status does not require you to have a notarized power of attorney or an EDS.

The cost of our services for trademark registration

Tariff "Free"

    For the first check.

  •  Determine the classes of the ICGS that characterize your activity.
  •  We conduct a blitz search of the free database.
  •  Determining whether a trademark complies with the law
  •  Provide recommendations for refining the designation
  •  We make a report and indicate the likelihood of trademark registration.
Tariff "Start"

    Suitable for registration of a word trademark

  •  We do all the work at the "Free" tariff
  •  We search paid databases: we analyze applications that are under registration, registered trademarks and trade names.
  •  Refine if necessary and re-check for possible registration.
  •  Preparing documents and filing an application with Rospatent.
  •  We do all the paperwork and respond to inquiries from patent office examiners.

34 000 rubles
Tariff "Standard"

    Suitable for pictorial and combined trademark.

  •  We do the work at the tariff of "Start".
  •  We conduct an in-depth image search.

39 000 rubles
Tariff "Maximum"

    Suitable for owners of a problematic trademark

  •  Suitable for owners of a problematic trademark
  •  We refine the name or logo. If there are obstacles to trademark registration - we prepare 3 options.
  •  Receiving a letter of consent
  •  We protect the trademark in the Chamber of Patent Disputes (CPD) if another company decides to challenge the registration within 2 years from the date of filing.
  •  Challenging the unjustified refusal of Rospatent in the CPD

65 000 rubles
Online cost calculation
1. Choose your tariff
 Evaluation of the future trademark for protectability
 Definition the classes of the ICGS
 Blitz search and analysis
 Preliminary consultation
 In-depth search
 Registration and filing of documents
 Works of the "Start" tariff, plus
 Determining the percentage of probability of registration
 Comprehensive legal audit
 Recommendations for bypassing obstacles
 Repeat search
 Application maintenance
 Complete consulting support
 Obtaining a certificate
 Works of the "Standard" tariff, plus
 Refinement of the name or logo design
 Overcoming obstacles to registration
 Defense before the Chamber of Patent Disputes (CPD) within 2 years after filing
2. Specify the number of classes of the ICGS
The classes of the Nice Classification (ICGS) describe areas in which goods and services belong
3. Specify the number of trademarks
4. Do you need an expedited registration?
5. Issuance of a paper certificate
Prices for our services
Tariff "Standard"
Service to speed up registration
State fees
Application and formal examination fee
Fee for substantive examination in respect of the specified classes
Registration fee
Total for state fees
Total for everything
53700 ₽
Number of trademarks
Minimum period of trademark registration
3-6 months
Of these, the state expert appraisal takes
6 months

Our team

Alexander Dubok
Alexander Dubok
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Anatoly Dubok
Anatoly Dubok
Technical Director.
Daniel Fadeev
Daniel Fadeev
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Dmitry Naplekov
Dmitry Naplekov
Patent Attorney No. 2086.
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Trademark registration procedure in Russia

  • 1

    Step 1 - Quick Search of Open Bases

    At the time of application

  • 2

    Step 2 - Preliminary verification of the trademark for uniqueness

    1 working day

    At the preparatory stage, we analyze if there are any obstacles to registration. We check if there is a match with the existing designations. In other words - we establish the degree of uniqueness. According to the search results, we estimate the prospects and give the expert opinion. We give recommendations on how to improve the sign, if it has low uniqueness or does not meet the criteria of protectability. Payment of state fees for registration of trademark.

  • 3

    Step 3 - Filing with Rospatent

    Instantly ;-)

    From this point, the priority is set by the filing date. Starting from this stage, you can do everything yourself, but it is better to use the services of our lawyers, who know the nuances of the procedure.

  • 4

    Step 4 - Conducting Formal Examination

    2-3 months

    The experts from Rospatent in the course of this procedure check the submitted documents for correctness of forms and forms and establish the fact of payment of fees.

  • 5

    Step 5 - Conducting a substantive examination

    3-6 months

    There is a full verification of the compliance of the registered designation with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. According to its results, the applicant receives a positive decision on the registration of the trademark or is notified about the refusal.

    Before the final rejection, the examiner sends the applicant an appropriate notice of compliance review, to which the applicant has the right to submit objections within 6 months. After considering the objections, the examiner issues a final decision.

  • 6

    Step 6 - Obtaining a Trademark Registration Certificate

    1 month

    At the final stage, the applicant pays for the registration and receives a certificate. Information about the right holder and the designation will be entered in the public register of Rospatent.

Why do you need to register a trademark?

Trademark registration is the process of obtaining a certificate to use a unique designation that helps consumers distinguish the goods or services of a particular company. To prevent competitors from using someone else's mark, exclusive rights are registered for it to protect the business.

In order to register a unique trademark in Russia, it is necessary to apply to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, a subordinate body of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Patent Office Rospatent).

Since 2006, the experts of the "Pervoistok" Patent Bureau assist in the registration of a trademark "turnkey" and provide legal support in matters of intellectual property protection.

Documents for filing a trademark application

It is necessary to submit a written or electronic application to Rospatent, the contents of which must include a list of documents.


All documents in the application for registration of the TOR must be in proper quality, which allows copying them by standard technical means. Inadequate quality of the submitted documentation will be one of the grounds for refusal to consider the application.

If you use the assistance of our representatives, it is sufficient to attach to the application:

The cost of state duties for trademarks

Additional classes of the ICS over one will cost 1,750 rubles. Each subsequent class, starting from the 6th, will cost 3150 rubles.

The cost is given including 30% discount for electronic filing. Otherwise, the cost will increase.

The information on the extension of the TOR registration is published in the official bulletin of Rospatent.

Types of trademarks

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One of the classes of the ICGS
Number of trademarks
Accelerated registration
Approximate period of registration - 3-6 months
Issuance of a paper certificate - No
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