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with a guarantee of results under the contract
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We register on a turnkey basis in Rospatent and patent offices of other countries, as well as defend in court
  • trademark;
  • appellation of origin;
  • geographical indication;
  • invention (technology, device, method, Chemical formula, computer program algorithm);
  • computer program code;
  • utility model;
  • industrial design.
We register on a turnkey basis in Rospatent and patent offices of other countries, as well as defend in court:

We will provide installment payment and a guarantee of results, secured in the contract.

  • The entire cost of services is divided into several stages, the full payment is made only after we fully prepare and submit a ready application for your trademark to Rospatent
  • We will work as long as it takes to register
  • When conducting a comprehensive search we give a 100% guarantee of the result, provided there are no identified obstacles. In case Rospatent rejects the application for reasons not identified in the course of the complex paid search, we will help to remove or remove the obstacles ourselves and bring the application to a positive decision of the Patent Office without any additional charge.
Saving you 10 000 - 10 000 000 rubles

This is the amount of money that can make a mistake in the case of deprivation of rights to a promoted brand or a valuable patent for an invention), in addition:

  • The cost of the state fee reduced by 30%
  • You save 30-90 days thanks to the electronic document management system
  • Receiving the priority of the application in 1 working day after the conclusion of the contract.
And yet, why us?

0 unforeseen refusals - we prepare the application very carefully, so in the previous 10 years we have never received a refusal on applications for inventions, although it is considered the most difficult industry in patenting. For trademarks, our customer sees all the pitfalls of the preliminary search at the beginning of the work.

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Are you an entrepreneur or company owner?
We will provide information about the guarantee of the result and check the possibility of registering the intellectual property for obvious obstacles, free of charge.
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Are you a CEO or a top manager?
We will prepare an application on a turnkey basis and carry out all the work ourselves, from verification to the delivery of your security document. You will be required to participate as little as possible.
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Are you an employee and collecting information for the manager?
We will prepare a personal proposal for your manager with comprehensive information about the timing and cost of the work, ways to save on registration to make a reasoned decision.
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Patent bureau in Russia When creating a new creative work, developing a new technology or a unique trademark, you have the right to expect compliance with copyright and patent rights on the part of others, to receive remuneration for the use of intellectual property, and to be protected from illegal use.

By contacting our Office of Patent Attorneys, you will be able to quickly register the rights to an invention or other intellectual property object, obtain a certificate for a trademark, achieve protection of copyrights. We offer services of patent attorneys, lawyers, forensic experts who will help you in any area of registration, use, disposal and protection of intellectual property rights.

Get a free consultation with a patent attorney

  • — Free inspection and detailed consultation
  • — Guarantee to bring you to a positive decision
  • — Save ~10 000 rubles on the state duty
  • — All prices are fixed with no hidden fees
Get a free consultation on patenting and intellectual property protection
I give my consent to the processing of personal data and agree to the terms and privacy policy
The company "Pervoistok" solves problems in the field of patents since 2006.

Our company provides services for registration and legal protection of any industrial commercial property and other equated objects:

  • — conducting a preliminary information search and registration application;
  • — patenting of inventions, industrial designs and utility models;
  • — Registration of trademarks and service marks, NTMT, GI, other objects;
  • — protection of your interests at all stages of registration of rights;
  • — assistance in the settlement of disputes and objections, timely renewal of certificates and patents.
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Advantages of working with us

There are many offers on the market from private specialists and large companies in the field of copyright and patent rights. Applying to our firm, you are guaranteed a positive result in patenting and protection of intellectual property rights. We will provide:

  • consulting support at all stages of registration, use and protection of copyright and patent rights;
  • prompt and correct preparation of documentation required for submission to Rospatent, judicial authorities and other agencies;
  • the resolution of any disputes arising from the registration, use and protection of personal and exclusive rights;
  • representation of your interests in Rospatent and international patent authorities, courts and other organizations.
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