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Pervoistok Patent Company has been engaged in registration and protection of intellectual property since 2006. A whole team of specialists from several certified patent attorneys, litigation attorneys and experts works on one application.

The most popular services of the patent office

10 reasons to work with us

Free trademark pre-check
Even at this stage, experts at our patent office will advise you on how you can improve the designation to increase your chances of registration. All you have to do is leave an application on our official website.
Saving your money from 10 000 to 5 000 000 rubles
This is the amount you can pay in case of infringement of exclusive rights of a famous brand. You will also pay 30% less in fees because we submit all documents electronically.
Comprehensive approach to registration of means of individualization
The specialists of our patent firm handle the paperwork from start to finish. They will conduct an in-depth search in the FIPS database, submit an application and answer all the requests of Rospatent experts, suggest the amount of fees to be paid.
We guarantee a specific result according to the contract
If Rospatent rejects the application for reasons not identified in the course of a comprehensive paid search, our colleagues from our patent office will remove the obstacles without additional fees and bring the application to a positive decision of the patent office.
Obtaining a certificate 1 day after the conclusion of the contract
The registration filing certificate can be used to work with marketplaces and other counterparties.
Experience since 2006 in many areas of activity
Our patent law firm has employees who specialize in a variety of industries in small, medium and large businesses.
We answer all your questions and conclude the contract remotely
We provide patent services throughout Russia. So it doesn't matter what city you are from.
Well-established cooperation with foreign partners
If you need to obtain a patent or register a trademark in another country, we will contact local patent attorneys and help you complete the paperwork.
We provide legal support for business and protection of rights
We will defend your interests before the Patent Office, the Chamber of Patent Disputes, the courts and other agencies.
Prices for all stages of service provision are fixed in advance
You will pay only the amount of money that is stated in the agreement. There is no additional charge.

Employees of the federal patent bureau Pervoistok check the invention, trademark and other objects in as much detail as possible. Therefore, if the registration is rejected for a reason we missed, the rest of the work is at our expense.

If you have any additional questions, call the number +7 (800) 302-49-57 and our law firm specialists will answer them in detail.

Our team

Alexander Dubok
Alexander Dubok
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Anatoly Dubok
Anatoly Dubok
Technical Director.
Daniel Fadeev
Daniel Fadeev
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Dmitry Naplekov
Dmitry Naplekov
Patent Attorney No. 2086.
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Get a free consultation on patenting and intellectual property protection
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