How much does it cost to patent an invention in Russia?

with one application submitted
with a guarantee of results under the contract
in ~8-9 months

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Our advantages

8 out of 10 of our clients work remotely.
We will hold an online meeting, conclude an agreement and do the work remotely.ПWe will hold an online meeting, conclude an agreement and do the work remotely. It doesn't matter what town you're from.
We guarantee results, not just returns
We get to the contractually guaranteed result one way or another at any pay rate.
Fixing the price at the start
You will pay exactly the amount we discussed at the beginning. No surprise payments.
What we have achieved in 18 years?
More than 6,000 objects were registered
In all likelihood, your case is similar to the cases we have seen in our practice.
We represent interests in 65 countries of the world
For international registration, we resort to the help of reliable patent attorneys from abroad.
Certified Patent Attorneys
We are responsible to Rospatent. Attorney status does not require you to have a notarized power of attorney or an EDS.

Our team

Alexander Dubok
Alexander Dubok
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Anatoly Dubok
Anatoly Dubok
Technical Director.
Daniel Fadeev
Daniel Fadeev
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Dmitry Naplekov
Dmitry Naplekov
Patent Attorney No. 2086.
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Duties for the registration of an invention and the granting of a patent

When contacting our patent office you will be able to pay the state duties of Rospatent with a 30% discount (according to Russian legislation, since we use an electronic system for filing documents).

  1. Duty for the registration of the application for the grant of a patent - 3300 rubles.
  2. Additional duty For each claim of an invention over 10 - 700 rubles.
  3. Пошлина за проведение экспертизы заявки на изобретение по существу:
    • before the expiration of 7 months - 12500 + 9200 rubles. for each independent claim over 1;
    • before the expiration of 12 months - 4700 + 2800 rubles. for each independent claim over 1, but not more than 5 + 5400 rubles. for each independent claim over 5.
  4. Duty for registration of development and publication of information - 3000 rubles.
  5. Duty for a patent - 1500 rubles.
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How much does a patent for an invention cost in Russia?

Our patent office offers a full range of services for the registration of a utility model at the national or international level. Contact us and our patent attorneys will advise and accompany you and will undertake all actions on your behalf.

Check the list of services and prices.

Verification stage
Payment: 30 000 rubles
1. Conducting a patent search.
2. Analysis of obstacles before registration of rights.
3. Recommendations to reduce risks.
Preparation stage
Payment: 20 000 rubles
4. Writing a formula.
5. Writing an abstract.
6. Preparation of the description.
Patenting procedure
Payment: 40 000 rubles
7. Drawing up documents and registration of the application.
8. Support of the application at the examination stage, preparation and sending responses to any inquiries and notifications to the patent office.
9. Obtaining a patent.
  • — Free inspection and detailed consultation
  • — Guarantee to bring you to a positive decision
  • — Save ~10 000 rubles on the state duty
  • — All prices are fixed with no hidden fees
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